First impressions


As it turns out, shades in the bathroom are less optional when your window looks into another apartment. At my parents’ house the bathroom shades were a source of contention, since my dad inexplicably likes them open, and the rest of us prefer a little privacy, though it’s all pretty theoretical, since it’s unlikely that someone would be able to look into a second story bathroom window. One of the best things about my new apartment is the abundance of natural light, so I’ve been leaving the shades open, but this morning I caught a glimpse of my neighbor as he closed his own blinds, and startled me out of the notion that I could stroll around more or less undressed. It was pretty embarrassing, but at least he did the neighborly thing and closed his blinds instead of just enjoying the show.

Last night was the first of what promises to be many nursing student get-togethers, and if it was any indication, all of my classmates are awesome. I caught a ride to Max’s Taphouse with a classmate and her boyfriend, where we met up with three other people from our class. Bartenders and bouncers both tend to love giving me guff, and this was no exception (the bouncer called me “mousy” and when we left he called out “Bye Mouse!”.  Jerk), but the beer list made up for any annoyances. I have the problem of liking nice beers, and not having patience for nasty ones, so I doubt I’ll be drinking very much while I’m in school, but I’m just taking that to mean that when I do splurge I should get something good, and last night I had a Duclaw Hellrazor, which was sort of gingerbready, and delicious, and a sip of some kind of sour Finnish beer that reminded me of kombucha. I also went all out and got a burger, because I’m used to a meat-heavy diet, and even after just a few days of lentils and eggs I was craving beef. It was overcooked, which was sad, but it felt good to indulge my craving, and the fries were delicious.

I felt a little intimidated by the idea of my classmates, but I feel much better now that I’ve met a few of them. That isn’t to say they aren’t beautiful, and smart, and ambitious, but they’re also very nice, and that helps.


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