Baltimore, Maryland


And here I am, on the other side of the move. I have a toothbrush on a shelf, dishes in a cabinet, and a couple of odds and ends in the fridge (I haven’t made a grocery run yet, but it’ll happen soon). I don’t have a bed, but it’s being delivered tomorrow, and then things might feel a little more real.My roommates are gone for the summer, so I’m sort of rattling around the place, jumping at bumps, and texting them constantly about things like wireless passwords, and garbage pick-up, but it’s all good. I’m very curious about them, but we’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted later.

Right now I’m blogging on top of my pillows because we don’t really have a living room, so a couch probably isn’t happening. When I first arrived I was surprised to see that the living room was almost totally empty- there was a little two person table, and two chairs, and that was it. It isn’t a huge room (although it is pretty, with a (non-working) fireplaces, and a built-in china cabinet), so it could have been a living room or a dining room, but not both, and because I have a table and I don’t have a couch I opted for dining. It looks very nice. I put up some of my pictures, and now it’s homey and practically begging for a dinner party.

The kitchen is small (we have the whole house, but row houses are very narrow, so it’s still roughly apartment-sized), but there was a lot of unused space, so I got a shelving unit to increase storage space, and now I really like it. The lack of counter space might get tricky, but there’s a gas range, which was an unexpected plus. I can see myself making all kinds of nice things in this kitchen.

My room is on the small side, but there’s a ton of natural light, and it’ll fit a full-sized bed, so I’m pleased. It’s a giant mess now, since almost all of my clothes are in a heap on the floor, but it’ll come together. It’s raining and unpleasant out, which has kept me from venturing out, so I’m trying to get the brunt of my unpacking out of the way.

Moving was interesting, but I don’t think I’m ever going to do it again. I’m just going to stay here forever, and not have to get my dresser down the narrow, rickety staircase.


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