Cutting off my nose


And it has nothing to do with spiting my face, it’s entirely allergy-motivated. I love spring. Spring is my favorite season, and I have a beautiful lilac bush filling my bedroom with wonderful perfume that is causing my head to feel like it’s fulled with down, like someone shoved a pillow up my nose, and so cutting it off is the only logical conclusion. It’ll be a challenging look, but Lord Voldemort paved the way, so maybe together we can make it a Thing.


UPDATE: If you find yourself in a similar situation, but aren’t quite ready to cut off your nose, really think about internet remedies before trying them. Just because someone tells you that putting cloves of raw garlic up your nose will cure congestion doesn’t mean you should do it. Even if it works, you should really think before you do it, because if you’re at the point where it seems like a reasonable idea you’ve probably had a stuffed up nose for some time, and it’s probably kind of sore and raw. Do you really want to put garlic in your poor, painful nose? Think about how it’ll feel, and if you decide to do it, be prepared for it to only work while the garlic is actually in your nose, burning it. I’m not saying those seconds of being able to breathe (as much as I could around the garlic) weren’t worth it, because they were, but it was a close call.


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