Hazardous to your health


I actually took the plunge last night, and took out my eyebrow ring. It was a Step, I’m not going to lie, and I was sorry to see the facial piercing part of my life come to an end.

On a related note, did you know that you aren’t supposed to take the jewelery out of infected piercings? I didn’t. I figured “This looks inflamed, so I’ll take the ring out now to give it time to heal”, but that was exactly the wrong thing to do, because then I was left with an open infected puncture wound on my face. Attractive, right? (No, it isn’t.) Getting the ring out was surprisingly difficult, and easy at the same time. I had a captured bead ring, and I had never taken one out before (my freshman year of college my friend pierced her cartilage with a captured bead ring, and when she had to take it out for rugby she asked me for help, and I tried for like a second before declaring that I didn’t want to hurt her and washing my hands of the whole thing. Not my finest pre-nursing medical-ish moment), so I checked the internets, and the person who said “try to pull the two ends apart so the ball falls out” should be shot. Holy heck did that hurt! And it bled all over everything, which made me stop and rethink my strategy, but a quick video tutorial from a girl with fifty million piercings set me on the right path in no time. It still looked pretty gory, but I cleaned it up, and first thing this morning I popped over to the clinic for some professional advice. It was kind of embarrassing admitting that I was so slipshod in the care of my piercing, but it was worth getting some piece of mind (and antibiotics).

I don’t regret piercing my eyebrow, but I know it was a silly thing to do at the tail end of college. There’s a time and a place for that kind of thing, and it’s freshman year, when you have your whole college career ahead of you, and no one is going to give you guff about finding a real job. When I try to think back on all the good times I had with my piercing (while playing “Time of Your Life” in my head, for maximum cheese) it’s all kind of unfortunate stuff- getting it snagged on a comb during a haircut, having to change Halloween costume plans because I couldn’t wear my Crazy 88’s mask on top, infections, blood, yuck. In spite of all that though, I liked being a girl with a pierced eyebrow.


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