This and that


I’m super pumped for the weekend. My dad’s running club has been out training at Chestnut Ridge for the past two Saturdays, but laziness and other commitments have prevented me from joining in. Tomorrow though, I’m facing the music, and as much as I expect it to suck, I suspect it’ll also be great. I love running hills, and the Ridge is crazy.

My mom alerted me to an exciting Craigslist posting last night, and now I’m the proud owner of a dresser ($20!). It wants some work, so weather providing I’ll be cleaning, stripping, and painting it this weekend, but it’s very nice, and solid wood. I have the bug now though, so I’ve been scouring ads for other apartment-y stuff, and I’m going to hit up some garage sales this weekend too. Last week’s boule was such a hit that I’ve decided I need a dutch oven of my own, and I’m hoping to pick one up secondhand for cheaps. We’ll see how that goes. I also need a bed, because the votes are in, and everyone thinks sleeping on a mattress on pallets is slovenly and unacceptable, and a bookcase, but after that I think I’ll be furnitured out. How much do I really need, right?

Ohhh yeah, that’s the stuff.

My cat has been on steroids for the past couple of weeks to help her deal with some nausea issues, and they have her feeling her oats. She’s been full of attitude (and rage over being force-fed a pill every night), and so she’s been acting out even more than usual. When I used to volunteer at a nursery school we weren’t supposed to dictate all of the kid’s actions, or criticize them for messing up, under the theory that they would behave well on their own, given the opportunity. Instead, when they did something naughty we asked them “Are you making good decisions?” in the hopes of that triggering some self-awareness and an end to the bad behavior. It didn’t really work with kids, and it doesn’t really work with cats, but it’s a joke in our household, so whenever Lancaster is about to jump into the sink, or steal Anouk’s food, we ask her to pause and think about whether she’s making good decisions, and a lot of the time she does stop for a minute before doing whatever she wants. Anyway, all of these are awesome, but the porcupine is my favorite.

You know that jaguar is regretting his decisions right about now.


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