Odds and ends


Some awesome person put a plate of digestive biscuts out in the breakroom. Digestives always make me think of George Harrison, who I love (while The Beatles were recording Abbey Road Yoko Ono ate his, and he apparently completely lost his shit and had a huge fight with John over a cookie), and they’re just delicious, so that was a nice treat. They’re like graham crackers, which are also really good, but not something I eat very often. Now that I’ve thought about them though, I want to make them, and I found an easy looking recipe over at Smitten Kitchen, so that’ll probably happen in the near future.

I’m having some serious music lust. The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic put the Great Big Sea song “Safe Upon the Shore” in my head all day yesterday, and now I really want the whole album. It’s all good stuff, sad Irish songs, and happy drinking songs, and the whole thing rings with Canadian goodness. I also really want the Ok Go album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. It’s been out for some time now (both albums have in fact), but something in my brain just switched on or something, because I suddenly really really want it. Ok Go is great music for running, and sometimes they’re the only thing that’ll keep me on a treadmill.

How likely is it that if I just plop a mattress on top of a couple of pallets it’ll look shabby-chic and not terrible? I’m aiming for a sort of La bohème, starving artist look, but I’m worried it’ll verge into kind-of-homeless territory. My roommates look very glamorous and put together, so I’m already out of my league, I might as well go whole hog and just be completely eccentric. I kind of love the idea of just making furniture out of pallets- it seems like a purer form of cheap furniture than IKEA, and like it’ll make my gradual transition into adulthood more obvious, when my furniture stops being all splintery.


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