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The internet is great for so many things, but it takes some of the satisfaction of hunting for something. A bit of trivia on the tip of your brain, a song that you heard one time on the radio but didn’t catch the singer’s name, a book that someone recommended, all these things are at your fingertips, and so it’s less fun than before when you had to really dig. There are exceptions, and I ran into one when I decided that I needed to have the special edition Hunger Games nail polishes. They’re super cool, but I was unwilling to pay more for shipping than the cost of the actual product, so the internet wasn’t an option. I went to at least five stores looking (including a Hot Topic, so you know I was determined), but everyone either didn’t carry the brand, or else they were sold out. I thought I’d have to give up, but when I mentioned it to a guy on OkCupid he told me that Sally’s Beauty Supplies carries them (he apparently paints his nails a lot, so he had his fingers on the pulse for the best shopping places), so today I went out to the one near UB South, and there they were! It was very exciting, and then I realized that my sister ran a kickass half-marathon today, and I was pumped about nail polishes based on YA fiction, and felt lame. And then I painted my nails and the colors were totally awesome, so I went back to feeling pleased. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people anyway. šŸ˜‰

This weekend’s loaf was a no-knead recipe. I had been thinking about roasted garlic bread, but I figured kneading the bread would pulverize the bulbs, and I wanted them whole. The recipe I used was super super easy, but it takes a long time, so you need to plan ahead. I mixed the dough yesterday afternoon (it’s a very wet dough, so you don’t even need a mixer, I just used my hands), and then let it rise for twenty hours. That sounds like an insane amount of time, and it is, but you don’t need to do anything with it while it rises, so it really isn’t labor-intensive at all. This afternoon I moved the (now huge) bread dough onto a floured counter and filled it with two heads of roasted garlic, and then folded it up, wrapped it in a dishcloth, and let it rise for another couple of hours. The only downside of this bread was that it calls for a dutch oven, and as it stands now I won’t have one with my in Maryland, and the oven needs to be crazy hot (500 degrees). Those are minor issues though, when you have truly wonderful bread on your hands. This is without a doubt the best bread I’ve made yet. It has a wonderful spongy texture, and the crust is crisp and delicious. It’s honestly as good as bread I’ve gotten from the store, and the garlic just about knocks my socks off, it’s so nice. I am in love with this bread. It’s much lighter than my previous loaves (the twenty hours of rising probably had something to do with that), and while I want to keep trying new recipes and exploring, I feel like I’ve found my bread soulmate. I want to make this bread with sundried tomatoes, and with chocolate, and whole wheat flour, and any number of other exciting variations. I’m seriously in love with this stuff.

The top is a little dark. The recipe said to bake it in the dutch oven for half an hour with the lid, then take the lid off and let it bake uncovered for another fifteen minutes, but that was excessive. It was done after half an hour, but I wanted to follow the recipe, and that’s what I get for ignoring my own senses. It isn’t burned, but it’s a little dark, so the picture doesn’ t look good enough to covey how bomb-awesome the bread truly is.

Ohh yeah, that’s the stuff.


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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