Stealing an idea


I love Cely’s blog over at Running Off the Reeses, and I always enjoy her weekly installments of Magnificent Men of Monday. Flipping through the channels just now, I stumbled upon the Masterpiece Theater movie Great Expectations, and discovered the beauty that is Douglas Booth. He’s really something. He looks angelic as Pip, and he’s still practically a baby (he’s 19), so hopefully he’ll come into his own soon and take the attention away from stupid Robert Pattinson (they have similar vampire-like pallors and British accents).  So, without further ado, I present Magnificent Men of Sunday Night: Douglas Booth.

The movie isn’t half-bad either. I haven’t read Great Expectations (*shame*), but I’m familiar with the story thanks to Wishbone, and Masterpiece Theater always does a good job, so I might have to look into it while I still have time to read for fun.


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