The Hunger Games


And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, my Hunger Games movie review!

Wow. Wowowowowow. First of all, I had some high expectations going in. I loved the books, and because there are only three, I needed the movies to be incredible so I could enjoy more Hunger Games-related agonizing anticipation, and I wasn’t even slightly disappointed. Honestly, just writing about it is getting me jazzed up again.

Lillian and I both dressed up, but our costumes were subtle, and the pictures we took were kind of lame, so I’m not going to post them, but it totally helped get us psyched. I went as Katniss, in…pretty much normal clothes (brown pants, tall brown boots, green shirt, jacket with my mockingjay pin, you know, the usual), and Lillian was Cinna, all in black. There weren’t very many people in costume, which was kind of disappointing, but the people who made the effort committed and went whole hog, with face paint, and wigs, and they looked great. It’s just more fun when people are willing to look a little silly.

(Just to add to my extremely tense state, last night I drove for the first time without a licensed driver in the car with me. My little sister and I had tickets for the midnight showing, and my parents weren’t about to come pick us up at 3:00 in the morning, so I put on my big girl pants and drove. And we survived! I lived to blog the tale! My heart was racing the whole time though, despite the fact that the streets were pretty much empty, so I was about as hyped up as is humanly possible.)

The theater was packed, but we got there an hour early, so Lillian and I found good seats, and settled in with kale chips (we scoff at concession stand offerings), and soaked in the atmosphere. It was…a lot of kids. The average age in the room was probably fifteen, and I was slightly apprehensive about how well-behaved people would be once the movie got going. Everyone was great though, I guess because the people who show up for the midnight screening want to actually watch the movie, and not disrupt things by yelling “Team Peeta!” every time Josh Hutcherson came on screen.

(Team Peeta! Wooo!)

The movie itself is just wonderful. I’ve read the book (twice), and I was still on the edge of my seat. I’m a known soft touch, but it made me cry at all the right places, and they hit a really great balance of action and romance. I don’t think Josh Hutcherson is very attractive (he isn’t bad, just not my type), but I was dying for him. He’s such a great Peeta, and I love Peeta, so I love him. They didn’t try to make the movie into Twilight though, which was really important. Personally, I would have kissed the heck out of Peeta in that cave, but I’m glad they showed more restraint, because it made Katniss seem nicer. Her character can come off as really calculating sometimes, especially when you aren’t privy to her thoughts, so by having her tone down her faked affection they were able to keep her likable without having to do voiceovers or something like that so people would understand why she was pretending to feel something she didn’t. I thought it was very well done, and Jennifer Lawrence was just terrific.

One of my favorite things about the movie was that it looked beyond the arena, and showed what was happening in Panem during the Games. I was a little confused about why people were talking so much about Seneca Crane (I mean, it’s a great beard, but he’s barely a character), so I thought it was great that they showed the Gamemakers running things behind the scene, and the people in the Districts watching. It gave the whole thing a new layer of depth. I had never really thought about what it would be like to watch the Games, only how it would feel to be a part of them, so that was very interesting.

The whole thing was just great. I can’t put it any more simply. I loved it, and I cannot wait to see it again.


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