Pretty cool


I got to school early today, so I had time to sit in the hall and read Questionable Content before class, which is always nice. I am a sitting on the floor kind of person. Anyway, there I was, sitting on the floor, when one of the boys in my class sat next to me, which was nice, since the hall was empty, so he could have sat anywhere (I probably wouldn’t have sat next to him if our roles had been reversed, because I would have worried about intruding on his space and pre-class quiet time, even though it didn’t bother me, so I don’t know why I would assume it would bother someone else). He’s sat next to me in the hall a couple of times before, and we’ve said “good morning”, and it’s been polite and friendly, but today he struck up a bit of conversation! I don’t remember why, but a few classes ago our professor asked if any of us had ever run a marathon, and because no one was raising their hand and an example was at stake (of course it had nothing to do with showing off), I said I had never done a full, but I’ve done a couple of half marathons. And she made some point that I guess wasn’t very memorable, and that was it. But today the boy asked me about it! He was even kind of impressed, probably because I didn’t tell him my times. It’s kind of nice, having people remember stuff about you (I remember weird stuff about people I barely know, and I always feel like I need to pretend I don’t remember their dog’s name, or that they speak Dutch, or even that we’ve met before if they don’t remember me, so they don’t think I’m secretly obsessed with them, but again, I’m just really awkward). That’s it- it isn’t an exciting story. A boy who is presumably between 17 and 30 sat next to me (I usually look at a guy’s arm hair to judge whether he’s a grown up person or just a mature looking teenager, but this guy is Asian, which makes a difference. All the Asian guys I know are lacking in the arm hair department, so the rule doesn’t work), and asked me about running, and it was sort of nice.

That isn’t the pretty cool thing I was talking about in my post title though- Jane Lynch is going to be the Commencement speaker at Smith this year. I don’t watch Glee anymore, because it’s dreadful, but I like Jane Lynch. Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous- my class had Sylvia Earle as a speaker, and while she was nice, she wasn’t hilarious.


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