Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new eye doctor? It sometimes feels like I’ve always had dry, painful, blurry eyes, but now that they’re finally finally better, it’s incredible. I don’t have to rely on eye drops anymore, whereas before I could go through a whole bottle in just a couple of days (the little bottles, but still. That shouldn’t happen), and soon I won’t even need glasses. Very soon. February 24th soon. Which is slightly crazy, if you ask me. I had an eye appointment today, and we scheduled my surgery, but while I’m 100% on board with the idea, it made me a little nervous. When I think about it, there isn’t anything to feel nervous about, but I am a champion worrier, and where there’s a will there’s a way. It’ll be worth it though. When I can wake up in the morning and see clearly as soon as I open my eyes, it will feel like one hundred dollars.

While I was waiting to get into my eye appointment this morning I made a list of things I need to do before May. It wasn’t a Bucket List (I already have one of those), as much as a list of errands, but I love me some lists, so it was fun to map out. Among other things, I want to get my hands on a kombucha mother (I haven’t had any in AGES, and it’s been very much on my mind lately) so I can wean myself off of the $5-a-bottle, premade stuff, learn how to make cheese, learn how to make yogurt, order scrubs, get CPR certified (I was certified, but I think it’s expired, and it’ll be good to have a refresher anyway)  and check out thrift stores for apartment stuff (without going overboard, since I’m going to need to have a roommate, and they’ll presumably have some stuff (even though my sister’s roommate showed up to their apartment with a stand mixer, and a bedroll, and nothing else), and it would be silly to have two kitchen tables or what have you). The nice thing about going to a school that’s only six hours away, instead of across the country (I’m looking at you, Seattle (I still haven’t heard from them, and to be honest, I’ve kind of given up) is that I can look around Buffalo and find apartment stuffs while I still have a car at my disposal.

It feels very weird that I’m 23 years old and I’ve never had an apartment. I lived in a bunkhouse with my coworkers when I was in Utah a few summers ago, and it turned into Drama City, so I’m a little nervous. It got to the point where dirty dishes were being put in people’s beds, which is something I never want to experience again (I didn’t put the dishes in beds, and it wasn’t my bed, but even when I’m not a part of drama my presence aggravates it somehow). I’ve also never been close with any of my roommates, which is something I’d like to change. I’ve liked roommates, I’ve lived harmoniously with people, but we’ve never been besties, unless you count sharing a tent with someone as a roommate situation, and I don’t really (even when you share a tent for long stretches of time). I’m worried that I’ll be a bad roommate, with a fridge full of creepy live cultures, and a lack of experience living in an apartment, and a relaxed attitude about how immediately dishes should be washed after being used (again, I was not involved in the dishes-in-the-bed incident! I contributed to it, but when 4/5 people don’t care when the dishes get washed as long as they do eventually it isn’t an act of mean-spiritedness to put a plate in the sink. It’s lazy, and I’ll own up to that, but it isn’t anything more sinister than that). I’m also a tiny bit worried that I’ll have a terrible roommate, since my mom told me they’re all big party animals, and that isn’t something I’d like to live with. I’m keeping an open mind though. When I think about moving to Maryland, and starting my program, and meeting new people, I visualize positive things. Most of what’s going on is excitement, and only about 5% is nerves.



About turntowardsthesun

I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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  1. I think it’s best not to be best of friends with your roommate, actually. If you’re friends, then everytime you pass each other in the kitchen you have to have a whole conversation – it feels rude to ignore a friend who’s in your house, so you don’t feel comfortable coming home, going into your room, and shutting the door.

    But then again, I’ve never had anything but roommate problems. I can’t live comfortably with someone I don’t love.

    • And that’s why my roommate and I are such a good match. I’ve decided that the best way to manage a roommate situation is for each of you to act like guests in someone else’s living space. That way you’re always polite and considerate, and eventually it gets to be a habit.

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