Oh, sweet relief!


I just got an email from Hopkins with a formal acceptance letter. It sounds silly, but I was really spinning myself up into a neurotic mess that they might have made a mistake, or were going to change their minds and take it back, but the letter helps. I was also worried that I had somehow gotten accepted into the regular BSN program, and not the accelerated one, but it’s all good. That should probably hold me over for at least a few days of not second-guessing myself.

The focus now needs to turn to Micro. If I feel insecure about whether I can hack it at Hopkins I just need to prove it to myself by knocking it out of the park this semester. I had a bad lab test yesterday, and I told myself it was ok, because he drops the lowest test (and gives credit for wrong answers, under the theory that if you only gave one wrong answer instead of all of them you must know something), but I can’t think like that. I don’t have any other pressing priorites, so Micro is it, and I’m vowing right here and now to get an A.



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