Watching the pot


Seattle is three hours behind Buffalo, which means there’s no point in checking my email until around noon. After that though, all bets are off, and yesterday I killed my battery looking every ten minutes to see if anything had popped up. Today, as a way of helping with the stress, I brough a giant marble to work to roll around, and it actually is kind of helpful. Eventually I’ll just wear myself out from fretting, and lapse into a coma, and it will be very refreshing for everyone. For now though the expression “a bee in my bonnet” seems most apt, since this stupid obsession is buzzing away. Thank goodness it’s Friday, so I’ll have two whole days of knowing it can’t come. Waiting is bad, but the uncertainty is intolerable.

Well, enough stress-talk for now. Here’s what I’ve eaten today! It’s nothing too inspired, and I really need to work in some serious veggie action at dinner, but as it happens, I have a big bunch o’kale sitting at home, begging to be made into crisps, so that works out perfectly.

Breakfast: Rice Chex with whole milk and blueberries. Swap the Chex for Rice Krispies, and it’s one of my favorite breakfasts ever.

Lunch: Microwave sandwich thing. I was going to take leftover chicken from the other night, but we didn’t have any clean, small tupperwares, and so this was just easier. It was ok, but not stellar. It would’ve been better if I had thought to bring some spinach or something to put on top.  The orange was actually very good. I’m not usually a fan, but it was juicy and nice.

Workouts this week were kind of stalled by my knee flaring up, but I have high hopes for next week. I took it easy because I have a race this weekend and I wanted to be able to run, but once that’s over I’m hopping right back onto the spinning and ZWOD trains, and easing myself back into running so I can do it without pain. It doesn’t hurt that it’s staying lighter later- I feel less like hibernating as soon as I get off work, and more like getting to the gym.


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