Eye on the prize


I have stupid eyes. They’re dry, and I pretty much can’t wear contacts anymore. SO I am looking into laser eye surgery, and today I had my consultation. It went pretty well actually, and I’m really hoping things move forward with this. I’ve been wearing glasses since…fifth grade? Yeah, that sounds right. And that’s a long time! It would be so cool to not have to worry about glasses, and contacts (I shouldn’t wear them, but I sometimes do anyway. Is is at all surprising that I have eye issues?), and just wake up in the morning and see. That would be so great! AND the laser tech who did my exam went to my high school, which is nice, but not the cool part. The cool part was that she was the younger sister of my big, giant middle school crush! He was so dreamy. He was a baseball star, and did the morning announcements, and I wrote his name all over my notebooks. What can I say? It was middle school. So that was a nice chance to reminisce. And let me tell you, hotness runs in their family. Mmm…pretty laser eye girl.



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