Sleepy pride


I did so many things today! I got up early, and worked, and did lots of push-ups, and got things done, and went to the ECC registrar, and did banking, so I can buy my textbooks tomorrow, and went to spin class, and played Bananagrams, and now I am wiped out. I’m sore, and sleepy, and tomorrow I’ll do it all again, with three classes thrown in for good measure. It isn’t all that much when I write it down, but it makes me feel like a real person. I’m busy now. I feel tired at bedtime (and before bedtime, because homework needs to happen too), and I earn these feelings of tired muscles and productivity. I worked for them, and they’re mine.

I’ve been thinking about lullabies. Babies are never far from my mind, but for the past few days I’ve been thinking about what I would sing to my babies. My mom sang us songs about the green grass growing all around, and a naked soldier, and I sang those to the kids I babysat. I love falling asleep to music (isn’t it nice that Pandora just shuts itself off after awhile? I love that). I’m not much of a singer, but the idea of singing to my future babies as they drift off to sleep is such a nice one. When I was at Geneseo there was an a cappella group called NARD that I absolutely loved. They were just four kind of dorky guys, but they were so talented, and charismatic, and they were kind of a big deal on campus. They were seniors my freshman year, and even though I never actually met them, in a way, they were a big part of my first year of college. Their last concert was kind of a huge deal, and it was really sweet to hear them talk about how lonely they had been before they all became friends, and how much they loved each other, and how sad they were to be graduating and ending that chapter of their lives. My friend who had gone to the concert with me bailed (it was an outdoor show, and it started to drizzle, and she wasn’t the hardcore NARD fan that I was, and it was finals, but still), and I remember feeling kind of lost, and lonely, and jealous, but also really happy for them that they had been able to have so many awesome times together, and were sharing them with other people, even people like me who didn’t know them at all. Their last song was “Lullaby”, and they got emotional, and had to wiggle their toes to keep from crying as they sang, and it was terrific, and since then I’ve thought that I’ll sing that song to my kids, because even if people think Billy Joel is cheesy, they are wrong, and he is great. So, as my first Music Monday in a long time, enjoy!


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