GRE take two


This week was supposed to be brutal. I was going to have to beg and plead and grovel and probably cry to get into my classes. I was going to have to miss multiple days of work so I could attend the same class over and over until I finally got into some time slot. My application to Marquette was going to get thrown out, and I was going to take the GRE again and it was going to suck. Pretty much none of that happened. The only actually sad thing that happened was Lillian went back to school, and that had to happen eventually anyway. I got all of my classes, and found out I don’t need to take anatomy lab, and I got to go to work (and so get paid), and I got a pedicure, and I’m still being considered for Marquette, and today I kicked some GRE ass. Not a lot, not like my sister and brother-in-law did (overachievers, pfft 🙂 ), but I improved my score. And now I never have to take it again. It wasn’t even that bad. It was actually, and I know how terrible this sounds, kind of fun for the first few sections. I like picking the best words to complete the sentences. It isn’t four hours worth of fun, but it wasn’t torture.

So I don’t remember mentioning it on the blog, but remember the guy I was bringing food? Yeah…I asked him out. And he never responded, because I asked him in an email (I know it sounds like a big loser way to ask someone out, but people like it! They do! They’ve told me they appreciate not being put on the spot!). It wasn’t a huge deal, and I wasn’t terribly invested in the idea, but I wanted to be able to say that I went for it. Anyway, I saw him today for the first time since all that jazz, and it was awkward.  That comfortable friendliness is now gone. Whoops. You know what though? It was kind of worth it. I went after something I wanted, and even though I didn’t get it, I tried. Trying is more important than cheese, any day of the week.


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