What to Do


I love that Ok Go song. “Sweetheaart you’ll find/mediocre people do exceptional things all the time“. Mmm…bitter. Ok, bitterness is bad, but it doesn’t sound bitter when Damian Kulash is singing it, it sounds kind of encouraging. Especially when there are handbells involved. Ok Go makes me think of spring (the 45 degree weather doesn’t hurt either). They come to Northampton all the time in the spring, but they didn’t last year, and it almost made it hard to get into the season without them. I’m working on my UMass Amherst application today, and the idea that I might be back in the Pioneer Valley by June is pretty shiny. Especially if Emily and Josh relocate there too. We (the sisters that is) haven’t all lived in the same place for years. Even if Lillian is in NoHo, and I get an apartment in South Hadley, and Emily and Josh live in…Amherst or something, we will be so close! We could have dinner parties, and I could go over to their place and walk their dog (that they would presumably get, since they don’t have one now, but it’s a fantasy, so in this scenario they have a dog), and we could all go see Ok Go, and it would be very jolly. Several of my friends would still be at Smith even, so we could hang out, and I could possibly go watch some regattas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wedded to the idea, and I know that more likely than not it won’t happen that way and the Smarts will end up in…Toronto? Ann Arbor (that would be great beacuase my best friend just got offered an interview there and I could visit them all at the same time!)? Somewhere other than Northampton. And I’ll end up in Minnesota (just because it’s my least-favorite school, so I can say that and not be too jinx-y). But wouldn’t it be nice if we were all together?

Speaking of Northampton and excitement, my friend Cory is coming to Buffalo today! She surprised me with a Facebook message this morning telling me she’d be in my neck of the woods tonight on her way to New York City, and asked if I wanted to get dinner. Since she’s staying in Buffalo overnight I immediately offered up our Murphey bed, and now it’s a sleepover! I’m super pumped- I haven’t seen her since my graduation, and she’s such fun.

Are people bored with reading my endless moaning about applications? It’s the biggest thing in my life right now (*sigh), but I can try to scrape together some other content if people want. I could post pictures of my cats!


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  1. 1. We are getting a dog. So freaking hard. If it’s a bitch, we’ll name her Cocaine, and if it’s a dog, we’ll name him Tom Servo. Or maybe Sir.

    2. I think Minnesota’s on our list too, although I get it confused with Wisconsin so maybe that’s the one.

    3. Pictures of cats with funny captions please.

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