Spin Sisters


I had a lovely Christmas. I got all kinds of beautiful things (including a mandolin! Of my very own! I immediately broke a string trying to tune it, but I went to the music store today and they fixed it and tuned it for me!), and had nice visits with my family. My aunt gave me a milagro in the shape of a man’s head in the hopes that it will help me find a husband, and even though I didn’t ask for it, it was a nice gesture. I’m not quite ready for a husband, so I think I’ll hold off on activating it (apparently you take it to church, light a candle, and leave the milagro there and wait for your miracle), but it’s nice to have in my back pocket, in case I’m suddenly ready. Christmas dinner was delicious- turkey, and trimmings and whatnot (I exerted my influence and convinced my parents to include brussels sprouts and kale in the menu this year. People scoffed, but they were delicious, and the bowl of kale was empty at the end of the night), and it went off without a hitch. I love being part of the hosting team, even though it means missing out on a hot meal, and we pulled last night off like pros. My little sister could be a great head waiter if she wasn’t going to do other things, because she’s cool under fire, and doesn’t abandon the misson to eat some stuffing while it’s still warm, unlike some people (me). My family has a lot of Christmas traditions, so it’s always kind of the same from year to year, but this Christmas was very nice, and slightly different, because my brother-in-law joined us for the first time. My aunt also brought her boyfriend, so our circle is expanding in a very nice way.

My sisters and I were going to go to the gym this morning, but instead eased into the day with kale eggs and hanging out, which was nicer. We eventually mobilized though, and I took them to spin class at my gym. Neither one of them had even tried spinning before, and while they didn’t like it, I did. There was a different instructor today, and while he was very nice, he had terrible music. Who works out to jam bands? The songs are impossible to follow! How are you supposed to know when the end is near? Music aside though, it was a great workout, and I loved that we got in some sister time. I was going to propose that it be a Boxing Day tradition, but with any luck I won’t live in Buffalo next year, so I won’t have a gym membership anymore (fingers crossed).

Now I’m planking around, warming my gross sweaty self in my bed, and trying to motivate myself to get up and shower. My family is getting together again tonight for dinner at my aunt’s house, and then we’re voting on the Big Pink Hall of Fame. The grown-up younger generation is going out for drinks tonight, and then all of the cousins are getting brunch tomorrow. Christmas goes by so fast- I love that my family draws the festivities out a little bit longer (three days until my birthday!).


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