Fingers crossed


Today is the only day I don’t have access to a car, and so my mentee cannot go into labor. I’m really hoping it happens on my birthday actually (December 29). I have a pretty bad relationship with my birthday, and attending a birth would be just the thing to make it better. Also, it’s one of the only days between now and her due date that I don’t have plans.

When I was in college I always asked that my family wait until I got home to get our Christmas tree. I’ve always been a member of the tree-picking committee, and since we host Christmas Day, it’s important that it be an awesome one. Mostly though, I just like going out to the lot, and standing in the cold, looking over all the trees. We’re lucky, and have high ceilings, so we always get a big tall one, which is good, because when it comes to Christmas trees my family does not go the tasteful route. Every scrap of macaroni art gets hung- one year a fork found its way into the box of ornaments, and it’s been a part of our decorations ever since. We don’t cotton to classy white lights, it’s colored all the way, with a strand of bubble lights thrown in for good measure. It’s eclectic, and the end result is just beautiful. My younger sister is slightly more mature than I am (she would never think to ask people to stay out of the backyard all winter), so she let us get our tree before she came home, and so we picked one up yesterday. My mom stayed in the car while my dad and I wandered through the mini-forest in front of the nursery looking for the tree of our dreams. It’s pretty late in the season, so pickings were on the slim side, but we wound up the proud owners of a very pretty pitch pine (I’ll post pictures later, because I found a camera cord (a Christmas miracle!)). The cats love it, even Flora (my hedgehog) seems kind of into it. Thank you Estonia and Latvia, for starting this awesome tradition (also thank you Wikipedia, for telling me where Christmas trees originated).


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