Last night it occurred to me that the two biggest bummers I’ve experienced in the recent past were discovering that the goat guy is a sexy, sexy actor, and not just the goat guy (I’m at a loss to explain why this bothers me as much as it does), and my favorite tv show ending (Being Erica. So sad. It was only four seasons old!). When I said it out loud though (and again when I typed it), it became really obvious that life is pretty darn great right now. So things are awesome. šŸ™‚

I had my last final yesterday, and while it wasn’t perfect, it had the perk of being over now, so that’s hard to argue against. My professor gave me his letters of recommendation to mail, putting me back in the driver’s seat, so I know for a fact that they were sent. We had our ups and downs, but he was there for me when I needed help, and it seems petty to ask for anything else after that. I took a short study break Monday night and made a big batch of toffee to give to him as a thank you present. My next-door neighbors used to make toffee as a teacher present when their kids were in school, and it always seemed very impressive, but it’s actually incredibly easy to make. It’s also stone-cold, slap-in-the-face delicious, as something that consists entirely of equal parts butter and sugar should be. I gave about half the batch to my professor, and some to my mandolin instructor, and we still have a ton of it lurking in the fridge, begging to be eaten. My dad proposed using it in ice cream, and while that is sort of like throwing gasoline on a fire of unhealthy deliciousness, it would probably slow down consumption. It’s one thing to munch little bits of toffee throughout the day, it’s another to nom all the ice cream.

After my exam I did some Christmas shopping (I can’t make all the gifts. I wanted to, but I’m just not crafty enough. Maybe next year, when I’ve honed my skills to a deadly, crafty point), and spent a very jolly afternoon working on the gifts that I am making. I also worked on some mandolin Christmas carols, with limited results. The problem with learning is that as soon as you get one thing down they ask you to learn another harder thing. It’s very fun though, so I’m doing my best to let go of frustration and focus on anxiety over having to perform for my family over the holidays. It’s all about perspective.

As a special treat last night we went to the Blue Monk for dinner after my lesson. It was really loud, and I have a hard time speaking up (and ordering food), so the waitress accidentally brought me a burger instead of the steakĀ frites I ordered, but she was really great and immediately took the burger back and left me with my fries. This was perfect, because the Blue Monk is all about the fries. It’s a Belgian restaurant, and no one does fries like the Belgians. These were fried in duck fat, and came with incredibleĀ dipping sauce (aka: flavored mayonnaise), and because they were the only thing in front of me, and steak makes way better leftovers than cold fries I may have eaten them all. Guys, I had beer, and mayonnaise-covered fries for dinner last night. I also ate my veggies when the rest of my food came, but it was mostly the dinner of fries, and it was glorious. And I eat a whole lot of kale, so I don’t even feel guilty about it. That meal put me right to sleep though, and I was in bed by 9:30, making last night the most decadent one ever. As far as end-of-the-semester-celebrations go, it was pretty terrific.


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