And Just Like That the Sun Came Out


Today has been kind of lovely. I was feeling kind of gloomy and pessimistic about getting into nursing school, but then I got my curved test grade back and it boosted my grade, and I got a text from a friend who I haven’t talked to in awhile, and I got full marks on my cat cadaver test, so I’m guaranteed at least a B in lab. Things just started looking up, and once I started feeling better it seemed like I was on a roll. It was so nice to hear from my friend. Our last interaction was sort of ambiguous, and I was feeling a little crabby about him, but then things were actually totally normal and friendly. He asked about my life, I joked about joining the army if I don’t get into nursing school and he thought I was serious and started arguing with me about it, it was fun. (I don’t have any problem with the army, and I really respect people who serve in the armed forces, and am grateful for their sacrifice, but it isn’t for me. I like shooting guns, but not at people. Or animals. Or stuffed animals. Or anything that looks like shooting it might make it sad.) My parents compliment me all the time, and I love it, but it felt really nice to have a friend call me an evil genius today. It gave me a boost. 🙂

The cat test went really well. I was nervous, but we got to work with our partners, so when I messed up she made a warning noise so I could pretend I was just resting my fingertip on the wrong organ, and not really pointing at it. I’m still feeling a little insecure about whether I’ll actually get into any nursing programs, but it felt great to get a couple of good grades today. I know it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get into this round of schools, but I really feel like midwifery is my calling, and I just hope it isn’t a wrong number. (that is a Buffy reference, I’m not just being incredibly cheesy. Well, maybe a little. It’s a legit fear though, even if I know that I’ll find a way to make it work.)

Mandolin was really great today. I’m still working on arpeggios, but they’re sounding really good, and my instructor strung them together into a song, so that’s kind of exciting. I didn’t actually play for Lillian while she was home for Thanksgiving, but I promised to play a short concert for my family over Christmas. It won’t be anything fancy, but my homework for this week is figuring out “Joy to the World”. In a perfect world I would learn some Carbon Leaf Christmas songs, but I know I’m not there yet. It’s ok though, because I’m building a foundation, I don’t mind taking baby steps if it will make me a better mandolin player in the long run. Someday though, I’ll be able to play like this:


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