Vivat academia! Vivant professores!


Vivant omnes virgines

Faciles, formosae.

Vivant et mulieres

Tenerae, amabiles,

Bonae, laboriosae.

How did I get “Gaudeamus Igitur” stuck in my head? I’m not complaining, as it’s the best school song ever, but it came out of nowhere. Oh Smith. We’re taking Lillian back to school after the holiday, so I’ll get to go back, if only briefly. Northampton is such a great place to be, a part of me wishes I had stayed and done the townie thing for a year while taking my prereqs at Smith. That would have been wrong though (and much more expensive than my current situation), because eventually you have to leave the warm, safe, womb-like college environment, and my time had come. I can’t wait to go back though, just to visit.

Speaking of Smith, and visiting, and reasons for going back to Northampton, my little sister is coming home today! Yes, the elusive Lillian will be making her triumphant return to Buffalo in a matter of hours, for the first time since she left for Smith. Since then she has gained wisdom, friends, and body modifications, and I am darn excited to see her. It’s just a short visit, nothing like the J-term (Smith’s month-long winter term that we are forcing Lillian to spend at home because we just miss her too much) visit yet to come, so we will simply have to concentrate more hijinks into less time. I’m the family Mixer though, and Lillian is the Rebel, so I have total confidence in our ability to cause chaos.

Thanksgiving totally crept up on me, and I’m running the Turkey Trot tomorrow despite the fact that I haven’t been running in roughly a kajillion years. This might not be a PR year. I don’t actually know what my Turkey Trot PR is though, so that’s ok. I mostly just run it because it’s a fun race, it’s tradition, and it gives me a free pass to nom all the pie at dinner (which is important because we have delicious Concord grape pie at Thanksgiving). I need to make a running playlist tonight- any suggestions?


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