Lazy Sundays and momentary panics


I just had a moment of sheer anxiety that I had forgotten to do my lab homework for the week. Fortunately, it’s Monday, so I have time. That was a scary second there though, because we only have two homeworks left, and every grade matters. I bet I can pull out an A, but it’s close, and I can’t slip up now.

Yesterday was a very lazy, but still productive day. I wore sweatpants all day, but I got a lot done, so it was ok. I’m sort of winging it on one of my Christmas crafts, and it’s proving challenging, but I’m probably 1/4 done, and it isn’t a disaster yet, so that’s encouraging. I’m actually striving for a little better than “not a disaster”, but for now it will do. This is probably going to be the most difficult present to make, but if it comes out it’ll be really great. I tried to pick projects that would be achievable (I’m still something of a novice crafter), but not garbage. No one wants a pipe cleaner pine tree, but I don’t have the skills to make something crazy like anything knitted, or needlepointed, or requiring of actual skill. I’m great at rolling hundreds of paper rings, but as impressive as those projects look, they’re really very easy to make, and require more time than anything else.

I try not to jump the gun on Christmas, so I’ve been holding off, but I’m starting to weaken. I want it to snow. It’s finally starting to cool off, and we’ve had some teasing little flurries, but I want the real deal. I usually wait until December to listen to Christmas music, but yesterday I came downstairs and my mom was playing all of my Carbon Leaf on shuffle, including Christmas Child, and it was so good that I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off. Their holiday show last year was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. I bought their Christmas  album after the show (they signed it and everything), and listened to it nearly constantly until I went home for break. It’s great music for wall-sitting, and back then I was doing a lot of that. I’d like to get back into it- my dad and I are challenging each other to do wall sits this week, and I miss having awesome legs, especially because I just bought a bunch of pretty tights. So to circle back, I want to listen to Christmas music while crafting, and take occasional breaks for wall sits. First thing is first though, and I intend to fully enjoy Thanksgiving before jumping ahead to the next holiday.


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