Blasts from the past


I had to go to my old high school to get my transcript yesterday, but it was surprisingly painless. The first person I saw when I walked in the door was my favorite teacher. It was kind of perfect. We caught up, and he bolstered me up a bit (the applications were really getting me down, but he was just so excited to hear about my plans that it made me excited). I got my transcript without any hassle, and I was out the door in about ten minutes, mission accomplished. It was so nice to see my old teacher though, he was such an important figure in my life. Watching Being Erica last night there was a scene where Erica’s future self visits Doctor Tom, and even though we aren’t as pretty as the actors, it felt like seeing our interaction mirrored back in a very nice way. (There was also a scene where present and future Erica talk to each other, which made me comment on how if I was ever confronted with my double I would want to kiss so I could find out if I’m a good kisser. My mom thought that was hilarious, but it was honestly the first thing that came to my mind.)

This morning while I was walking to school I ran into one of my middle school classmates (Buffalo is so darn small sometimes!). It was very weird, he saw me coming up my street and waited at the corner, and then fell into step with me as though we had made plans to meet. We chatted, and after a couple of blocks he extended his hand and introduced himself. He hadn’t recognized me, but he started talking to me anyway, just randomly. He waited at the end of my street for me to catch up before he knew that we had ever met. He walked with me all the way to Buff State, chatting about feminism (he brought it up) and how much he loved living in Portland, and his Anarchist intellectual penpal, and then gave me a hug and walked off. It was deeply weird. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, and in fact it was kind of nice to chat with someone while I walked because I didn’t have my iPod, but I sort of suspect he was high.


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