Why must the application process be so painful? I’m working on Seattle University today, and they use the common app, which is supposed to suck less, but asks about high school. Why are we even still talking about high school? It was so long ago! It’s bad enough having to deal with four different offices of the registrar (seriously. FOUR. I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face for A) transferring, and B) not getting all my pre-reqs in before I graduated), but now I need to call up my high school and ask my grumpy old guidance counselor to dig out my transcripts? I thought this application would be cake- they didn’t want any special essays (I’m looking at you Hopkins, with your three essay application), they only want two recommendations, it should have been a breeze. But no. In fact, it’s impossible, and I hate it. Once this one is in I’ll be all set for a bit, because that’ll be all of my spring programs, so I won’t have to think about applications for like a month. That’ll be nice, but it doesn’t do me any good at the moment. Right now I’m still stuck facing the fact that I need to call Seattle, Marquette, and Hopkins today and discuss whether my combined A&P class can count as A&P one and two, or if I have to take A&P two in the spring, and call my old high school for my grades, and write a whole new essay (or at least drastically modify an existing one) explaining why Seattle is the school of my dreams. It kind of is, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with 500 words, but I hate this part of the process. I hate asking people for things, and applications mean begging for my records and for letters of recommendation, and the whole process is about getting schools to let me in, so I’m asking them for something too. But. I know it will be worth it if things work out. I’m doing my best to view these programs like parking spots- I only need one to take me, screw having choices, I just want to become a midwife. That’s the goal. It isn’t like undergrad, where I needed it to be the perfect fit, this is about function, and I would be just as happy to get into Minnesota as Johns Hopkins. Applying is the pits, but it’s a necessary evil. I need to focus on how great it would be to go to Seattle University and just power through. This will all be worth it.


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