Absinthe and HD


(I’m not quite done with my applications, but I can only read my essays so many times before I just want to kick myself in the face, so I’m taking a step back for a minute. I will prevail though, and they will be submitted by tonight at 11:11!)

I’ve mentioned my experiments with MeetUps before on this blog, and last night I got to go to a dinner party with some of the people from the Art Walk. We had all hit it off on the basis of being young-ish, and earlier this week one of the guys texted me about coming over to his place for dinner, and I happily accepted. We were drawn to each other because of our mutual relative youthfulness, but I actually like these people, and I was pretty excited that I had made a decent enough first impression that they invited me to hang out again. They’re all gluten-free people, so I scoured the internet and checked with my gluten-free friends on possible dishes I could bring before Alex told me that I should just bring a (dairy-free) salad. Problem solved! I pulled together a nice salad of massaged kale, pears, pomegranate arils, and toasted pecans (it looked like a Christmas tree), grabbed a folding chair, and headed out for an evening of good times with people I was 77% were not A) rapists B) kidnappers or C) huge giant bores. The Engineer (recent college grad, Rochester ex-pat) was hosting, and I’m not going to lie, I was jealous of his apartment. I know a lot of people move back home after school, and being an engineer presumably pays better than being a part-time file clerk, but this kid has a clawfoot tub. I was jealous. It was a really nice apartment, and not oppressively dude-ish at all (there was a giant tv, but it was clean, and his furniture was not even remotely sketchy, which is rare in my experience of bachelor pads), and we all fell into hanging out without any real awkwardness. The Italian is an absinthe distiller, and he had brought some for us to try, which was a fun treat. I had never tried absinthe, and it wasn’t my thing, but it was an adventure (I also got to see HD tv for the first time last night, hence the title (My parents have had their tv for like…fifteen years? Probably less, but it’s old. It’s perfectly functional though, and I thought HD was a little weird. I don’t want to feel like I’m in the tv when I’m watching Bones or something)). The Italian and his wife The Teacher had invited someone (The Social Worker) they had met at another MeetUp, and she turned out to be very nice, although slightly odd. We all sat around and chatted for a while, and then had what was actually a very nice meal of ground beef cooked in wine (provided by The Italian and The Teacher, although The Italian went to great pains to point out that he was not responsible for the dish, and when he makes it it’s way more delicious), peppers stuffed with pesto rice (The Engineer’s contribution), salad, and a fruit plate (The Social Worker). It was an eclectic meal, but everything was very good, and there’s something kind of nice of being able to break down all the flavors in what you’re eating- it felt very clean and simple. We sat at the table for a long time, and talked about everything from Disney movies, to circumcision, to insect mating habits. It was a really pleasant night, and I hope we do it again sometime soon.


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