Frosty the Stoop Step


Brr! It is chilly today! Driving into work all the lawns were white with frost, and I nearly killed myself leaving the house when I slipped on the icy stoop. I like the cold though. I had a fire going for most of yesterday, and I made a delicious cozy meal, that we unfortunately didn’t eat until 8:30 (the pokey chef strikes again!). Last week at the farmer’s market my mom and I decided to try something new, and got a buttercup squash, and yesterday I roasted it up to make into buttercup squash risotto. I modified the recipe somewhat, since I wanted to use barley instead of rice, and I got bored/hungry/grumpy around 8:00 and so I probably should have used more liquid, but I was ready to be done cooking. I also suspect I used less than the suggested amount of cheese, because my parents were hungry and sneaking pinches while I was cooking, but it tasted great anyway. The squash gave it an almost startling yellow color, kind of like Kraft mac and cheese, but brightly colored foods are fun. I also made brussel sprouts with bacon and apples again, and this time baked them on the skillet that I used to cook the bacon, which was a good modification (and my dad’s idea) because they absorbed more bacon-y flavor. We were running low on pecans, and I kind of forgot about them and left them in the toaster, but it turned out great, and even my dad, who can have the palate of a small child when it comes to vegetables said that I shouldn’t be ashamed to serve these brussel sprouts.

(This was actually my dad’s plate, what with the glass of wine. The green plastic cup of orange juice was mine because I’m an Adult.)

After dinner and clean-up I dashed upstairs to watch Grey’s Anatomy, which I thought was kind of meh. As a general rule, I enjoy stories about baseball, especially if it centers around a ragtag team of misfits, but watching the doctors play was just uncomfortable. And Owen hiring Henry for the day to be a ringer (wringer?) was stupid and implausible. Plus, and I don’t care how harsh this sounds, I just dislike Alex, and every time he meddles into the adoption practice I like him less, even though I know he’s just trying to be nice. He’s all weird and secretive about it, which I think is creepy, and he’s too much like a dog that growls and snaps at everyone but his owner. If he has such a heart of gold, I think he should at least attempt to treat people other than Meredith less like crap. And I think Lexie and Mark should just get married already. I mean, c’mon! Although watching her lob a softball at that doctor’s boob was pretty funny.

So I’m going to a party tonight. Faithful readers may be surprised, because I pretty much never write about going out, and the reason for that is I never do. I do plenty of stuff- I don’t just sit on my hands all night every night, but I can’t say I’m a party animal. Or even normally socialized. If I was a shelter dog I would have to be fostered before being made available for adoption because I’m so under socialized, but I’m actually ok. I’m like one of those fish that can grow lungs during times of drought, and so I haven’t really felt the lack of peers, but now the prospect of a party is making me slightly nervous (i.e. hugely socially anxious). There’s something about Halloween that drives me to socialize though, even though I haven’t had an epic Halloween since I stopped trick-or-treating. Tv and movies make it seem like such a blast, but it almost always disappoints. This year I’m going as The Bride from Kill Bill. I couldn’t find a suitable dress (I felt bad about the idea of covering a thrift store dress with fake blood. It’s in a thrift store, yes, but it had a tremendous amount of meaning for someone at one point), and the yellow jumpsuit was out of the question (I wouldn’t even know where to look for one), so I’m going as The Bride in jeans, when she goes to kill Budd. The costume store was a madhouse yesterday, and I was planning on going as one of the Crazy 88’s if I couldn’t find a dress, but it hurt to wear the mask over my eyebrow ring. I found a suitable katana though, and the costume kind of came together from there. Hopefully it’ll be a fun night. I’m taking the GRE on actual Halloween, so a party would probably be too much for my poor, broken spirit, and handing out candy will be more my speed, but I can go out tonight. Maybe it’ll even be fun.


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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