This past week felt unusually long, and I would have loved to sleep in today, but instead I woke up early so my mom and I could drive out to the country for cheese-making class. We’ve been looking forward to it forever, since the guys leading it are basically Wesley from The Princess Bride (handsome, charming, handy, good at farm chores). They make great cheese too, and we like cheese in our house, so that’s good too, but we mostly signed up because of the handsomeness. I made a quick breakfast of a kale and fried egg sandwich on an English muffin, which is my current favorite breakfast, and I will have to photograph sometime because it looks as good as it tastes (very), and we hit the road. It was about an hour drive, but we got there a little early. There wasn’t a sign, and there weren’t any other cars, but we went up to the house and knocked, ready to make some cheese. Except no one was there. Because the class is actually tomorrow. Which is what the email said, but we both somehow missed that. Fail. 🙂

We drove back, and went to the market, and then I took a glorious nap. It was so so good. I love napping, and I don’t do it as much now that I’m A) out of school, and B) not getting up at 5:30, so it’s harder to justify, but it felt amazing. After my nap my best friend called me, and we got to hang out. It was so great to see her. She lives in Pennsylvania, and so I don’t get to see her very much, and it was really great. We walked around all over the place, including past our old high school. We went to a great school that just happens to be in a terrible neighborhood, so walking around wasn’t such a hot idea, but nothing happened, so it’s all good. The school has been remodeled since our time, and now it looks disturbingly like some modern alien leech has attached itself to the beautiful old building. It was kind of nice to see it again though- I don’t really go back to visit much.

Walking home, we ran into our former middle school science teacher at the co-op. We briefly dithered over whether or not to say hello, but I’m glad we did, because she seemed so happy to see us. It made me a little sad actually, since I had her when I was in middle school, and so was at my most disagreeable. She hugged us though, and wanted to hear all about our lives, and dropped several sort of sad hints about her own life that only made me feel worse. I might have to check in with more of my former teachers now.

I want a new product. I brought a desk down from the attic today, and we’re going to use Lillian’s room as a sewing room while she’s away (every college student’s dream). I learned how to use a sewing machine in home economics roughly a million years ago, but I’m going to need a refresher, and then I want to make all the things.


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