Warthog love


I played rugby in high school, and loved it. I loved the roughness, and the camaraderie, and the mud. I had the same problem that I always have, where I didn’t think I was being appreciated enough (my coach would promise me something, and then not deliver, so it wasn’t just in my head), but I loved it. And so when I got to college I joined the rugby team.  It wasn’t like high school- it was a million times better. The practices, and the coach (I loved my coach. He’s hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. He’s smart, and tough, but he was never mean. Not ever. And he made every player on the team feel special, and loved, and that isn’t an easy task, because coaches have to be the bad guys sometimes, it’s just part of the job.), and the socializing. Rugby parties are the best parties I’ve ever been to. Now granted, I didn’t take full advantage of the awesome girls on my team a lot of the time, because my mind was stuck on one thing, and that was rugby boys. I was obsessed. I couldn’t get enough- I loved their filthy frat house, I loved their crude songs, I loved their sore muscles, and beer-y breath. I loved rugby boys, not wisely, but too well, and so I probably missed out on some awesome gal pal socializing, but I still loved my teammates, and it was a wretch to leave them when I transferred. Last week I saw a post on Facebook about an upcoming game in Buffalo, and even though I hadn’t seen any of my old friends since I left, I wanted to go. I didn’t expect to know anyone on the team anymore, and I don’t even have my old rugby jacket anymore because I willed it to my friend when I graduated, but I wanted to check it out for old times sake. I’m so so glad I went. It was freezing, and rainy (perfect rugby weather), but to my surprise I knew a lot of people! Two alums who live in Buffalo showed up, and a couple of my old friends aren’t quite done with school so were still on the team. It was so great to see them all again. It was great to see rugby being played too, especially a great game like that. I need to get back to it. I know, I know, I just posted that I’m Done With Team Sports Forever, but I’m not. I can’t be. I love it too much. I loved standing out there, shivering in the rain, and I loved seeing my old teammates play (they’re amazing. They just are. They’re Amazons), it’s in my blood. I don’t know what’s in store for me, but I know there’s going to be rugby involved. Plus, I have a super great plan for how I can avoid feeling discouraged and underappreciated, and sitting on the bench. It’s really quite brilliant. I’m going to…be better. When I was on the Geneseo team I almost never went running. When I joined Smith rugby I barely lifted at all. NOW though, I have the skills I need to be better. To be my best. I have all winter to get into my best rugby shape ever, and retake the pitch by storm.


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