Indian Summer


I’m glad it stopped raining- that was starting to bum me out. It’s beautiful and sunny out, and this morning my dad and I spent a good two hours stacking all the wood in America. We got double the amount we ordered last year, and it stacked up to our kitchen window, so we’re set for all the fires we could want. Fires are pretty far from my mind today though, it feels like mid-June.

I’m going to go see Madeleine Peyroux tonight at Buff State. She isn’t someone I’ve ever given much thought to, but I like her, and more importantly, I like getting out of the house on a Saturday night. It should be a good show- I listened to some of her stuff last night, just to refresh my memory of who she is, and I like her.

This weekend is flying by. Long weekends are kind of a trap- you feel like you have all the time in the world, so you plank around, and then you have a lab practical on Tuesday and you fail, and drop out, and live on the streets. Or something like that. I actually feel ok about lab, and I have my beautiful flashcards, but it’s hard to study when not-studying is so much more fun.


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