Does anyone remember the Amelia’s Notebook books? There was a bit in one that talked about voices, and the various things they sound like, and it just popped into my head. I told my friend over the summer that I love his voice, that he should be on the radio, because I just love listening to him. His voice is like an old library book. Another friend has a voice like polished wood, or a horse chestnut- all smooth, and shiney, and another like wool socks, another like rice krispies. Some voices just lend themselves to this kind of thinking, while others are harder to define- I don’t know what I would compare my friend Lindsay’s voice to, but Angela clearly sounds like bells (the higher pitched handbells), and smoke (not a smoker’s voice, but smokey). I was sitting in the law library today, and I heard my mom talking in the hall, and it was so nice. I love recognizing someone’s voice just when they say hello on the phone. I just love voices. Sometimes they just resonate. I wish I could experience them with my other senses, and touch or taste them, maybe because sounds are so fleeting, and I don’t have a very good memory for them. Does this post make me sound insane? I promise I’m not high, or drunk or anything, I think I just miss my friends.


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