Bread and Soup


I spent most of today in the kitchen, and it was great. I went to the market by myself, because my parent were both busy, and while I got all kinds of delicious and beautiful things (rainbow swiss chard!), I was limited to what I could carry, so I didn’t get any cider. It’s been cold and rainy all day, so there wasn’t a great turnout, but it felt great to be cold, and bundled in my jacket, and it smelled like apples and leaves.

My dad hates planning meals in advance, but I need to, or I end up eating scrambled eggs for dinner three nights a week after spinning class. I came up with a pretty awesome meal plan for this week, with simpler meals on the days that I work, and more complicated ones on class days. Today I made quinoa vegetable soup for Wednesday. It was a chilly day, and working in the kitchen, chopping, and talking to my dad felt cozy and nice. I think the soup will be really good- it has sweet potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, (quinoa, obviously), celery, cabbage, and nice homemade vegetable stock. I think I might add some chard later too, depending on whether I find some other use for it before then or not.

Bloggers have been talking about pumpkin for weeks now, and today I finally got on the bandwagon. I couldn’t find any canned pumpkin (it isn’t a good year for pumpkins), so I got a fresh one, which was a new experience. I’ve been carving jack-o-lanterns my whole life, but I haven’t really cooked much with pumpkin, and it was harder than I expected, but had the additional benefit of having seeds, which I baked and then nomed. I had some close calls with a paring knife while I was peeling it, but I still have all ten fingers, so it’s all good. Once it was peeled and chopped, I stewed it up, and then mashed it once it was soft, and baked pumpkin bread. I love pumpkin bread. It was one of the nicer breakfast options at Smith, and everyone was always excited when it was on the menu. I wanted to make two loaves, so I could make one into pumpkin bread pudding, but I forgot to double the recipe, so I had to make two separate batches, and that’s where I messed up. It’s an easy recipe (I used Fanny Farmer), but I forgot to add the oil to the second batch! And that was sad. That one will go into bread pudding though, and it will be ok.


Lancaster was unimpressed by the pumpkin. She prefers chicken.


After a day in the kitchen you would think I wouldn’t want to even think about cooking dinner, but I was on a role. My friend was unfortunately unable to slip away, so instead I had a nice meal with my parents. I saw a recipe for Hasselback potatoes on, and I made a variation, and fried up the slivers that I cut out and used them as a garnish. I do love to cook.

Today has been very productive. I got to drive (I am terribly out of practice at driving in the city), and I finally did laundry. I feel really good about life tonight.


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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