I said I would ruin the curve…


Today’s Anatomy class was…interesting. The professor posted our grades online before class, but I didn’t know that, and so when he announced that the average grade for the class was 11/50, and the highest grade anyone got was 26, I was pretty stunned. He wasn’t angry- he isn’t the kind of professor who cares if everyone sucks, and he wasn’t apologetic, and didn’t acknowledge his part in the terrible grades, but he literally spent the entire class period telling us to stop being consumers and start acting like students. It was pretty bad. I’ve done badly on tests before, but I didn’t think this one had been that bad. The mood in the class was pretty ugly- people were furious, and the professor essentially calling us stupid wasn’t helping. We didn’t get anything done, and he let us out early, so a bunch of students went to his office hours to look at our test papers. The ones who went weren’t the ones who were angry though, and it was a weirdly jolly crowd. We set up in an empty classroom, and the professor handed back our papers. I did better than average, but nowhere near as well as I had thought, and so we went through the whole test, question by question. As we went through though, we noticed that a lot of the “wrong” questions were actually right, and the scantron sheet had just messed up. I actually got almost twice as many answers right, which was reassuring, although still not enough for me to be really happy about my performance. It felt so good to see that we weren’t all actually as pathetic as we had thought, but by discovering this mistake, we also accidentally screwed the curve. 11/50 was a B, but because of the mix-up, that isn’t going to be the case anymore, and people who initially did well might actually lose points. Whoops. Hopefully things will mostly work out for the best. The professor massively doesn’t care, and is the biggest grade inflator I’ve ever met, so everyone will probably get an A or B in the class anyway- he’s already talking about just dropping the first test. Even with the ambiguous good we did, it was fun to chat with my classmates. I’m feeling so social lately, it’s really nice (by the way, when you consider sitting in a classroom with a bunch of strangers, going over an Anatomy test to be a big social event, you’re officially a shut-in).

It’s stormy and gray out, so I’m going to shower (I got caught in the rain on my way home from school) and work on applications for the rest of the afternoon. It’s been a weird kind of day so far, but I’m kind of digging it. 🙂


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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