Crispy Crunchy Kale


I first had kale chips last summer at my sister’s house. She had made them as an experiment, and even slightly burned (they burn so easily!), I was hooked! I’ve made them lots of times since, and they’re always good. I like to use lots of red pepper flakes, but tonightI wanted to branch out, and try something new (my mom doesn’t like really hot foods, and part of the appeal of kale chips is that they get my parents to eat cruciferous vegetables), so I ransacked the cupboard and came up with Da Salty Lady’s Hot and Spicy Hawaian Salt Seasoning. My sister and brother in law brought it back from their honeymoon, and it is delicious. Because I wasn’t sure what I would be using as the extra seasoning, I salted and peppered the kale before adding Da Salty Lady’s, so they’re a little too salty, but very good.

So I said I would post a picture of my amazing trash night find, but all the batteries have vanished from my house! It’s like there’s a battery eating monster on the loose! So until I can get to the store, I’m dependent on my dad’s iPhone camera, and by the time he got home it was too dark to get a good picture. It’s awesome though, believe you me.

Now we’re all hanging out, watching Season One of Mad Men. We just started it last night, and it’s absolutely living up to the hype. I especially like Pete Campbell- that actor was on Angel, and anyone Joss Whedon likes is good in my book. I keep expecting him to be evil though, and I’m not sure he’s supposed to be. The women are all so soft looking and pretty, and I do love men in suits. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing show, sort of like Pushing Daisies was- lots of bright colors.


About turntowardsthesun

I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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