I got back on the erg yesterday. Walking to the gym I battled with myself over whether I would take a spinning class or run for my workout. I love to spin, but I’ve been doing it to the exclusion of all else lately, and that seemed like a bad idea. Down that road lies injury and boredom. Plus, even though I lack grit (I thought I blogged about this, but a quick check reveals I didn’t- I took an online personality test, and it revealed that I lack grit, and because grit is very important for success this news depressed me) I’m really determined to stick with my 5K goal, and that means getting on an erg at some point before I attempt to erg for what will probably be a year (5k is really far!). So instead of spinning yesterday I ran on a treadmill (badly), and erged (humiliatingly. Ergs need to be kept in a separate room from the rest of the equipment, because when you’re really erging you look insane. Or at least I do. There’s gasping, and crying, and intense facial expressions- it’s quite a sight), and lifted (also badly). None of the areas of my workout went well, but it was still a productive workout. Sometimes these things are greater than the sum of their parts. I hadn’t done any of those things in months, and getting back on the horse is hard, but I did it. Next time I’ll do it better.

I actually finished Lillian’s paper ring trash can last night! I had the wrong kind of hot glue gun sticks, so I had just been making hundreds of paper rings (I have about a million left over, but I’m sick of this craft, so they’re just going to have to wait until I feel like using them), but last night I was determined to finish. I like to craft while I watch tv, and last night was the two hour Grey’s Anatomy premier, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put this project to rest. I think it came out really well. It’s sort of reminiscent of a tree stump, but in a cool way. For my next trick I think I’ll actually finish my table project, and then…maybe something with wine corks?


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