What a Difference


I went to Spinning for the first time in months today.  I’m so out of shape, but it felt amazing. I have a confession: I haven’t been working out at all. It’s terrible, and I don’t have any excuses for it, but I’m determined to get back into my fitness routine. I paid a flobbity gillion dollars for my gym membership (Buff State doesn’t have a crew team, so they don’t have ergs in their gym. Plus, I like fitness classes, and they don’t offer any, so I’m back at the JCC), so I have to go or it’ll be a big waste of money. Spinning was wonderful. I love workouts where the warm-up kicks your ass, when you don’t know after five minutes if you’re going to make it for the full class, and I love that the group atmosphere keeps you on the bike and pedaling when you would otherwise stop. I feel so much happier after a good, hard, sweaty workout. I love when the walk home from the gym seems daunting.

After the gym I bopped over to the Co-op for some dinner ingredients, and threw together a quick supper of a veggie burger and broccoli. It was fast, and delicious, and allowed me to hang onto my nice virtuous feeling from working out, just a little bit longer. I had a small mishap with a frying pan full of hot oil that I allowed to get too hot while I chopped brocs, but we have a fan, so it was ok. Now I’m contimplating a sliced peach with wheat germ for dessert.

I made a smiley on the veggie burger with ketchup because I am corny. It isn’t a very happy smile though, it looks sort of upset, possibly because of its imminent demise. Veggie burgers are notoriously aware of their own mortality.

I made lots of progress on my crafts project today. I need to fill up my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It was fun though, and I love visable progress.

This is the original, now floor model. Isn’t it pretty? I honestly think it might be too pretty for trash, but I don’t know what else I could use it for.

I modge podged the base to make it sturdy, and then made tons of paper rings while watching 90’s Spiderman (it included gems of dialogue like “Knowing Spiderman doesn’t make you cool!”). I miss having a laptop during the day- I like to have something going on in the background while I craft, and it seems like a perfect time to listen to This American Life without falling asleep (it’s so entertaining, but it puts me right to sleep for some reason), and I can’t because my laptop still isn’t feeling well. It makes me think of the little girl who knitted Mrs Piggle Wiggle a scarf while listening to the radio, and got so caught up in her programs that she just forgot to stop. Having something to listen to really does help.

Progress! Kind of. It doesn’t look like a lot, but it takes hundreds of paper rings! Literally! It looks super cool when it’s done, but I really shouldn’t have agreed to make three of these. Poor planning.


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