Feels Like Fall


I actually felt cold when I woke up this morning! Where is the summer going? I’ve become dependent on peaches- I don’t know what I’ll do when the season ends!

On the other hand, I love the fall. I love chilly mornings, and jackets, and apple cider. I haven’t been in Buffalo for the fall in years, and I’m kind of excited about it. Plus, I know that even though it feels chilly today, this isn’t a turning point, and it’ll warm up again before we settle into actual cold. And there’s still a giant basket of peaches in the kitchen, just waiting to be grilled, or put in smoothies, or on top of vanilla ice cream, or just eaten out of hand. So there’s nothing to worry about…yet.

I had a very productive morning. I cleaned out the cat box, and emptied and loaded the dishwasher, and sauteed some zucchini and tomatoes that really needed to be used. They didn’t turn out great, I left the seeds in, and you aren’t supposed to do that, but I wound up with a pefectly edible dish that I brought for lunch, along with a piece of bread (store bought. I need to try my hand at bread again this week), and some dried mango. I had extra time before I had to leave for class, so I even got to make some paper rings. There’s no real hurry to finish this project, since Lillian won’t be home for her birthday, and I can’t really mail it, but it’s fun to work on.

For now though, I’m between lecture and lab, and so I’m going to head over to the gym to see if I can get my membership straightened out. I have decided that I need a goal to get back on track, and so I’m going to 5K test on…October 1. Ok, I just randomly settled on the date, but I think it works because it gives me time to prepare, but not slack off.


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