Bon Appetite


I love Julia Child. So hard. Julie & Julia was a kind of terrible movie, but I still liked it because it was about Julia Child (and also Meryl Streep is the jam). She actually went to Smith, and they even have a special Julia Child Day, with extra delicious food in the dining hall. I started reading My Life in France today, and it’s so good! Her husband seemed like such a great guy, and I love stories with lots of food. I sometimes wish I could live in France. I had a bit of a fantasy about moving there after the Peace Corps, because I would be all fluent in French by then (my mom loved this idea because then she’d get to visit me in France). My favorite kid this summer (I worked at a sort of international summer camp in Boston) was from France, and he was just the kind of guy I’d like to marry (except too young. I like ’em legal)/raise sons to be like. I’m 98% sure that the Peace Corps isn’t in the cards for me right now, but I think I’ll brush up my French anyway because it’s good to know another language, and you never know, I might wind up living in France someday.

I made the nutella granola today, but it wasn’t that great. It wasn’t terrible, but it tasted an awful lot like chocolate Teddy Grahams. I couldn’t make the boule though, because all the cookbooks in the house assume I know things like how long it takes to proof yeast, and so they don’t tell me. I’ll make it tomorrow though, and I feel confident that it will be delicious, especially because tomorrow is the farmer’s market and I’m going to buy more nice goat cheese that I’ll then put on the bread and then nom. The goat cheese guy is actually offering cheese making classes this fall, and I think I’m going to sign up. Making cheese sounds really fun (my dad says it’s gross, which sounds like it might be true, but it’s also cool, and then I would have homemade cheese!), and the goat guy is kind of cute, so it’s a no-lose situation.

So I got to thinking after posting last night, and I think I’ve come up with a cool thing to do to celebrate my moon time (I’m not thrilled with that expression, but I haven’t found a better one). I’ve decided to finally make myself some cloth menstrual pads. It’s a pretty obvious choice for a lot of reasons (it’s better for the environment, it’s a huge money saver, it’s been described as feeling like a Dr. Scholl’s pad for your vulva, what’s not to love?), but I never took the plunge. That’ll change tomorrow, though, because I am going to the craft store. I’m also going to get more hot glue gun sticks, because I showed my family my magazine trash can and now they all want one, so I’ve been folding hundreds of paper strips and will post pictures soon. I also trash picked an end table a couple of weeks ago, and I’m going to sand, and then paint it, possibly tomorrow, so maybe there will be lots of exciting craft pictures to post!

I took this picture of Anouk today in the backyard. Some squirrels were being very mean and laughing at her, but she turned the other cheek like the pacifist she is.


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