Flying Solo


As I’ve mentioned before, my little sister is all grown up and off to college. My parents took her to NoHo on Tuesday, but I had to stay behind because of classes, which meant I had the house to myself. Clearly my first instinct was to throw a raging party, but the not knowing anyone in Buffalo kind of put a crimp in that, so instead I just proceeded normally. I’m apparently something of an abberation because I’ve never lived on my own before (Smithies mostly stay on campus because the housing is so nice, and the community is really important, but it seems like they also get apartments during the breaks because they have cool world-saving internships).  I’ve lived in a bunkhouse, but that isn’t really the same thing, and I’ve never lived on my own before, so this was an exciting opportunity. There was some Risky Business sliding, but I noticed a few things about this experience:

  • I do not cook for myself. At least, I didn’t most of the time. We sent Lillian off with a family pizza party, complete with peach pie, and I kind of lived off the leftovers. So not healthy, but it was fast, and easy, and didn’t take a lot of clean-up, and so I…don’t have any better excuses. I think I would cook for myself if I actually lived alone and wasn’t just pretending, because then I would have to shop for myself and wouldn’t have that stuff hanging around. And I made a nice dinner for myself tonight (quinoa with swiss chard and green beans. healthy, AND using veggie odds and ends), complete with leftovers for lunches, so that’s a step in the right direction.
  • On a related note, I eat a lot more pie when no one is around.
  • Not cooking for myself means I don’t use enough dishes to justify running the dishwasher ever. I don’t own a lot of plates, and I’ll probably run out before I have a full enough dishwasher, which probably means I don’t need one.
  • I need to bring my key EVERYWHERE. Even if I’m just getting the mail and closing the door so the cats don’t run out. Not bringing your key means being locked out, and having to call your aged grandmother and ask her to drive half an hour to let you in. This is bad. No one wants that.
  • When you live by yourself, you can listen to One Prairie Outpost as many times as you want.

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