First Day of School


I was pretty nervous about starting classes today- new school, new people, totally different environment than Smith, but I was kind of excited too. I had such first-day jitters that I showed up to campus an hour early early so I could get the lay of the land. It sounds a little excessive, and it was, but I don’t like feeling rushed, and I hate being late, so I think it was time well spent, especially because I did have to hunt around for my lecture hall. Anatomy and Physiology is going to be a lot of work, but I think I’m up to the job. We have to memorize tons of terms, but it’s interesting stuff, and I’m excited to learn about it. The people in my class seem really nice too, so hopefully there will be study group opportunities. It felt good to be back in a classroom again.

The doula meeting is tonight! I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, I’m so excited to meet people who are as into birth as I am. I’m really hoping to hook up with a more experienced doula who might let me tag along to births and get my sea legs. That’s the best-case scenario. Honestly, I would be happy to just hear some stories and meet some people, but ideally I want to get to some births while I’m here, and I don’t feel ready to fly solo.


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